We completed our Appalachian Trail thru-hike on July 27th, 2017. After years of planning, saving, and training, we accomplished a dream together as newlyweds. And what an adventure it was!

As we reintegrate into ‘normalcy’ and the ups and downs of our society, we will continue to write about our voyage. And, as promised, we are writing a book about our adventure that will expose the pain, joy, suffering, and beauty of our pilgrimage along the Appalachian Trail!

We want to thank everyone that followed our journey, but we want to invite you to continue to read along as we share, reflect, and explore. Happy Trails, friends!


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Yesterday was July 27th. For a lot of you, yesterday was Thursday – the last day standing between you and the ‘freaking weekend’, WAHOO! For even more of you, yesterday …

The End Approaches 

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Our Breath, Our Spirit

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