Did you ever build a fort out of sticks as a kid?

Do you remember the sensation of bubbling creativity that accompanied the process? And how accomplished you felt when you took a step back to look at your masterpiece?

I like to think that every human has a creative spark at the center of their being. As kids, we effortlessly tap into the spark. That’s why, for a child, a stick isn’t just a stick…it’s a sword or a snake or a lightsaber or a magic wand!

il_570xN.1101037827_rrp0.jpgAs adults, we forget the childlike, creative spark hidden deep within us. We disenchant the world, robbing a stick of all of its extra-metaphysical goodness so that all that remains is its stick-ness.

We are thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in part to recover the lost memories of our childhood. To tap back into that primal, creative spark within us. To create new art and to experience what it feels like to be children again.

In preparation for this journey to recover the lost spark, we are creating art to help us along the way.

If you would like to support us by purchasing some of our art, check out our Etsy store here! There you will find ceramics, paintings, and –yes- a few things made of sticks.