Welcome to Our Adventures!

We are Morgan & Logan Greenhaw (aka MoonShine & Gibberish) and we thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2017. We are currently writing a book about our experience and preparing for our 2020 Mountains-to-Sea Trail thru-hike! Enjoy reading our blog and if you have any questions, head over to our contact page!

Q+A With Owner of Big Outdoors

One of the most difficult struggles as a thru-hiker (whether for the AT, PCT,  or CDT), is finding sponsors. After months of trying to contact the “big name” companies and... Read More

T-Shirt Fundraiser

Alright guys, GREAT NEWS! We are now taking preorders for t-shirts!!!!! They are a polyester/cotton blend and will only be $28! Catch: we have to pre-sell at least 50 shirts... Read More

The Appalachian Trail: The What?

I had a philosophy professor tell me once that there are two main types of questions: what-questions and why-questions. In this post we are addressing the ‘what’ of thru-hiking the Appalachian... Read More


Last week was a big one for us! First of all, I had the opportunity of painting something for a good friend of mine on for his proposal! I met... Read More

Honeymoon Adventures

Alright, our faithful followers and relentless supporters, this is the beginning of our consistent writings of updates… All of our posts up to this point have been fairly deep in... Read More

The Courage to Be Lonely

Last year, I went to therapy for a few months in an attempt to resolve some repressed grief issues concerning the deaths of loved ones. While therapy is not an... Read More