2020 Mountains-to-Sea Trail Thru-Hike

Today marks two years since we took our first footsteps on our Appalachian Trail thru-hike.

Two. Years.

 In so many ways, February 3rd of 2017 feels like yesterday…but in so many more ways – it feels like a million years ago.

The Appalachian Trail gave so many things to us – trail names, intense hunger, confidence, strength, lots and lots of McDonald’s, perseverance, wisdom, tramily (trail+family) members, courage, etc.

But the greatest of these is courage.

 Courage in one another as spouses. Courage in ourselves as individuals. Courage in ourselves as dog parents. Courage in ourselves as decision makers. Courage in ourselves as adventurers.

Courage that, together, we can do whatever we set our minds to.

 So, today, we’re announcing something huge. Something life-changing and something fiercely courageous…

We are going to attempt to thru-hike the Mountains to Sea Trail in the summer of 2020.

 If you know us personally or if you’ve kept up with us since we finished our Appalachian Trail thru hike, you know that we’ve intended to hop back on a long trail in the near future, but we were never quite sure what that was going to look like.

Once Gibberish applied and got accepted into graduate school at Wake Forest University, we really weren’t sure what long trail hiking was going to look like for us, so we put the thought and conversation of it on the back burner.

That is, until last fall, when the MST kept coming up in various places/conversations. We caught ourselves dreaming of the hiker life, googling information about this new trail, and talking about logistics here and there.

And then, one day, it was just a plan.

What better way to celebrate our new home state than by walking from coast to coast? What better way to welcome our new rescue husky into the Trail Mix family? What better way to honor the mark that the AT left on us?

We’re so excited to be in the early stages of planning another thru hike and we’re even more excited to be hopping back on a long trail SOON.


Want to know more about the Mountains-to-Sea Trail? Check out their website here!

Are you interested in supporting our 2020 thru-hike? Head over to our support page!

Want to know about some cool fundraising opportunities? Head over to The Trailing Collective to see custom Mountains to Sea t-shirts, mugs, and steins!

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