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So, we thought we’d share a few posts with you guys that are a little different in the next few weeks with the holidays coming up. Some will be gift ideas, some will be holiday crafts, and some may be things you recommend we post! We recently became Amazon affiliates and we wanted to share some gift ideas that we think your family and friends would really enjoy, specifically today because…CYBER MONDAY!

10. Osprey Women’s Aura 65 AG Backpack


This is the pack that I am using on the AT and guys, it is so so so so comfy. I really can’t say enough about it to convey how amazing it is. The Anti-Gravity technology is swoon-worthy and the color? The color gets all of the heart eyes.

9.  The Stranger by Albert Camus


Ever wondered what this life, our existence, entails? Constantly undergoing existential crises? Grab this fantastic classic just in time to curl up next to the fire and ponder the strangeness of the universe while you wait on Santa to come. In all seriousness, the book is an easy read with an enormous impact. Gift it to one of your philosophy-minded friends and you have a conversation starter for the whole next year.

8. Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker


Meet our favorite method for brewing and enjoying coffee. The Aeropress is simple, lightweight (this could be a luxury backpacking item), and makes incredibly delicious coffee every time. Blending the technologies from the traditional french press with filtered brewing methods, this device ensures smooth yet bold flavor. It. Is. DREAMY.

7. FITS Socks


If you’ve ever talked to me about socks…more than likely you have a pair of FITS now. Because the second someone says “what are FITS” or “I don’t have any FITS”…there is something that happens inside of me and I just have to get them a pair immediately!!

These socks are seriously magic. For the most part, they’re all I wear. They prevent blisters and sore feet, they have a high Merino Wool content that fights odor, they’re moisture-wicking AND they don’t ever budge! That means no more digging your socks out of your shoes. They also have every kind of sock you could ever want, so do yourself a favor and get some! And while you’re at it – get me some too! 🙂

6. Yankee Candles


You can never have too many candles…RIGHT?!

My personal favorite candle in the entire world is actually a random waffle candle that I picked up at Walmart one day a long time ago. Sadly, since then, they have discontinued it. BUT, my new favorite (pictured above) is Fireside from Yankee Candle. It literally makes your mind think that you are sitting outside next to campfire! How fun!

5. Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack


So, Logan surprised me when I decided to transfer jobs a few months back with this bag that I’ve been wanting for a very long time. I randomly mentioned it one day a while back and one day I came home to an Amazon box, opened it up, and GUYS. IT IS THE BEST BAG I HAVE EVER OWNED, DREAMED OF OWNING, OR ASKED TO OWN. I really, really enjoy it.

It has the option to wear it as a lumbar pack, which is totally awesome for short day hikes, but I use it as my everyday purse/everything bag with the cross body strap. Mountain smith is a wonderful company, so this bag so truly designed to last years upon years. It fits my laptop, my lunch, my snacks, my two hydroflasks, keys, phone, charger, etc. with ease.  I honestly think that anybody and everybody needs this bag – there are a wide variety of colors!

4. Garden Gnomes


I honestly cannot even tell you how many of these sweet gnomes I have given out as gifts… And guys, the person receiving them loves it every time. Whether you or they are into them or not – it always provides a laugh and it lasts as an endearing thought of you in their minds, I promise!

My collection is growing rapidly and if you’re looking for gift ideas for me personally – I already have this one 😉

3. 59 Illustrated National Parks – Softcover


Well, I don’t know if you guys like National Parks. But if you’re a human and you’re reading this…I’m going to assume that you do!

This book is a must have. I recently bought it for my sweet mama for her birthday (she loooooves NPs more than most people I know) and it is so stinking cool! If you’ve never heard of or seen the original poster art by the Anderson Design Group then you should do some research right now! OR, you can buy this book and all the research will be in your hands already. They have the original illustrations on each park and then have short blurbs about each of the parks as well. In the “related items” section there are some really cool things as well. They even offer these illustrations as a COLORING BOOK – HOLLA!

2. Arc’Teryx Atom LT Hoody

61tFPwmRwdL._SL1002_.jpg Meet our favorite piece of outdoor gear…EVER.

Logan received this jacket a little over a year ago and I was so jealous. To this date, he wears it pretty much everyday. I also purchased one earlier this year and I cannot even explain how incredible it is! Super soft, extremely lightweight and WARM. Not too warm on ‘just chilly’ days and super warm on ‘it’s freezing’ days! I truly believe that everyone in the world needs one of these jackets…so get yours now!!


This one really needs no explanation. I think one of the happiest moments of my materialistic life was being gifted a $100 Amazon gift card. I’ve thought a lot about why it was such an amazing moment because I’ve been given gift cards and $100 bills before to spend at my leisure, but there’s just something about knowing you can get almost anything you could ever want with FREE SHIPPING. Come on now – you can give the gift that lets your people pick their own gifts, but unlike money, an Amazon gift card shows you put thought into what you chose to give. And they have gift cards with cute little messages, egift cards and gift cards you can send by mail in cute packages. I mean, guys. They are literally doing all of the work FOR YOU. Does it get any better?

Remember, though, that Amazon has amazing deals literally everyday. Keep up with them here!

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