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Hello all! My name is Chris Denu, from, and I’m an outdoor enthusiast and blogger. I enjoy outdoor activities such as trail running, skiing and hiking. I am especially into the challenge of multiday/multimonth backpacking trips. I have done several long trips in the past few years, including a 5-day trip through the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. I also love traveling to amazing places. This year I’ve been lucky enough to venture to New Zealand and trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Like my friends here at Trail Mix For Newlyweds, I am also a 2017 Thru Hiker. I’m lucky enough to be sponsored by Big Outdoors and will be attempting to hike from Mexico to Canada along the Continental Divide. I’m so happy to be here and share with you all a few pieces of gear that I always carry on the trails!

Sawyer Squeeze:


Let me start by saying this: always make sure you have enough drinking water when in the backcountry! When I first started doing backcountry trips, I was not prepared when it came to water supply and this ended up in some shortened trips. I quickly realized that I needed to remedy this issue, so I started testing out various water filtration and sterilization products. I finally settled on carrying the Sawyer Squeeze with me whenever I go out for a trip.

This lightweight water filtration system is great! It comes in two different sizes; I like the full size one because the water filters through it at a much faster rate. The bags come in a few different sizes as well. I carry a couple 64oz. bags with me. The Sawyer Squeeze can also easily screw onto most water bottles in a pinch! This is a great piece of gear to have whether on a day hike, traveling abroad, or on a multi-month thru-hike!

Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles:


I don’t think trekking poles get quite the credit and attention they deserve. I started hiking with trekking poles this year and absolutely love them! I may not use them on some day hikes, but on long trips they are essential! I totally plan on using them on the CDT in 2017. Over a long enough time and distance they help reduce the impact on your legs while carrying heavy loads. They also help keep your balance when doing river crossing, etc. Oh, and I love how they help you climb up steep slopes! I feel so fast and powerful when I hike with my poles. These days trekking poles are collapsible and light weight! I highly recommend them!

Snow Peak LiteMax Titanium Stove:


I love the simplicity of this incredibly lightweight and packable cook stove! This little stove folds up and packs down to a very small and manageable piece of backpacking gear. The set-up is mega easy, just twist it onto a can of fuel, fan out the blades, open the valve slightly and light the gas with a lighter. This little stove creates amazing heat and can boil water in just a few minutes! I would recommend this stove to anyone who wants to do lightweight backpacking. There is a model of this stove that does have a push igniter built into it, that way you don’t need to bring a lighter with you.

See you all out on the trail!



Want to follow Chris as he travels?

Instagram: @my_way_north

Twitter: @mywaynorth


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